Hypnotherapy: Break through to a place of mental and emotional clarity.
Sometimes talk therapy just isn’t enough. Sometimes the client’s conscious memory is blocked so badly that they cannot break through to a place of mental and emotional clarity. At these times, hypnotherapy is an excellent alternative course of action.

It is common for people to confuse hypnotherapy with hypnosis, and they shy away from this practice because they’re afraid of losing control or of looking foolish. These two techniques are not the same. Hypnotherapy is most often a matter of guiding the client into a light trance state—a trance light enough that they can snap themselves out of it at will, but deep enough to temporarily stop the incessant chatter of the conscious mind.

The most common types of hypnotherapy I practice are Rapid Trauma Resolution, Guided Visualization, Age Regression and Energy Healing.

Trauma Resolution

Trauma Resolution is a skill I learned recently for treating PTSD.  A cool phrase I learned from Dr. Jon Connelly, my teacher in this technique, is:  “Stuff happened, that stuff affected your mind, and your mind has been affecting you ever since.”  Rapid Trauma Resolution is an innovative method for eliminating the ongoing negative influences from traumatic events.Guided Visualization

In Guided Visualization, the client is taken to a “safe place,” from which they can use symbolic language to gain insight into and transform subconscious blocks, meet and consult with their own Higher Self or Guardians in Spirit or gain insight into their higher purpose in life, to name just a few goals. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” What our culture calls “just the imagination” is actually the level that creates our outer experience.

Age Regression

Age Regression is the practice of guiding the client backward in time in order to discover the source of their current discomfort. In most cases, the source is a troubling event that happened in childhood or infancy. Occasionally, however, it is an event that happened not in this lifetime but during another incarnation in the Soul’s journey.

The term Past Life Regression is a misnomer, since we may have numerous incarnations of Self or Soul that simultaneously manifest at divergent space-time placements. The energetic connection between incarnations of the Self is an immediate, living connection of energy and consciousness. Because our numerous incarnations in time are directly, energetically linked to each other through the Soul and the DNA Template, we literally inherit miasmic buildup—otherwise known as “karma”—from each other. To fully heal our Body-Mind-Spirit system, we need to clear the miasmic imprint, or karma, that has become embedded within our DNA Template.

Once this event is located and cognitively recognized as something that happened “back then” and is no longer a threat today, the blockage is often healed immediately. In some cases, however, insight alone is not sufficient and it is necessary to move on to an Energy Healing.