What is your LifePath?

What is Your Destiny Path? And how do you get there from here?

…Do you feel you’re awakening to something you hadn’t seen before—some eternal, spiritual truths that lie just out of reach?

…does it seem like this is the most important time in your life and in the life of the planet, but you don’t know why?

…is something beckoning you to rise to a more meaningful existence?

…does it cry out to you that there is something important to do; and is it urging you to get started now?

…or do you simply long to make sense of the events and patterns in your life but don’t know where to begin?

What is happening?

You are experiencing a “quickening”—a sense of excitement whose source you cannot identify.

At times, though, you feel that you are dangling in the balance—caught between one way of life that is dissolving and another whose form you cannot quite make out.

You are not alone. Many of us are sharing this process of awakening to who we really are. We’re being called, first to participate in a “summing up,” where the experiences of the past are gathered together and seen as part of an intelligent pattern. And then we are to facilitate our own rebirth into a more complete personality—a personality that is aligned with the soul’s intent.

A cycle is coming to completion and a new one is about to begin. The old ways of believing and thinking are dying; there is no turning back. The only choice left to your conscious self now is to follow the new course: to find your own path and consciously develop the particular talents bestowed upon you for the growth of your soul and for your personal contribution to the One Soul of humanity.

What is your LifePath?

Learn about awakening to a more meaningful existence…and about making sense of the events and patterns of your life. In one LifePath reading, I will tell you many things about who you are, what you came here to do in this lifetime, where you’ve been and what seems to be ahead for you.

Most clients return for periodic updates on their lifepath progress, or to get some intuitive, psychological or energy-medicine input regarding the stumbling blocks in their lives. And some choose to embark on a psychospiritual journey, to work with me on a regular basis—weekly, monthly, or seasonally—toward creating more fulfilling lives for themselves.