Rewiring your brain

through a conscious use of neuroplasticity


At long last, science is catching up to what those of us in the “soft sciences” of psychology and esoterica have been saying for ages: our thoughts, both past and present, create our reality.

The new field of brain science has discovered, through brain imaging, that new neurons (formerly thought to be irreplaceable) are created as old ones die off. Therefore, brain architecture changes and adapts to current circumstances — a form of remodeling called neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is what makes memory possible. Your brain’s synapses and neurons change when you learn something new or remember something you had learned before.

In layman’s terms, you really are what you think. But keep in mind that a part of you is also a product of what you used to think. this is the essence of our work together: examining your thoughts about yourself, your life, and the world in general, and evaluating how that’s been working for you so far.

Here’s where the “dark side” shows up. If you have experienced trauma, rejection, or fear of any kind in the past, for instance, your brain laid down some neural connections that included vivid memories and sensations of those bad experiences. Our work together would constitute a process of exposing and neutralizing those negative memories and sensations, and laying down in their place some new, positive neural connections.

This is the simplest way I can think of to explain how you can rewire your brain and create for yourself a happier life.